Why Twitter stock is surging Tuesday

The social network’s first-quarter results are out — and they’re spectacular. What happened? Shares of social network Twitter jumped on Tuesday, rising nearly eighteenth around noon EDT. The stock’s gain followed Twitter’s first-quarter financial results, including better-than-expected financial results and robust growth in monetizable daily active users. So what? Twitter reported non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.37 on revenue of $787 million. These… Read more »

Twitter still has a growth problem

If you read enough of the news, you would possibly assume that Twitter (and its CEO) is laying dead within the water for all to see. But, in its most recent financial statements, the corporate is proudly declaring that it isn’t dead yet, and may not be for some time. Within the last 3 months,… Read more »

Twitter shares surge 17th as users rise

Shares in Twitter have surged over 17th when the firm reported rising numbers of users and higher revenues, days after its chief executive promised to improve how it tackles online abuse. The company’s revenue rose to $787m (£605m) in the first quarter, up eighteenth from a year earlier. The number of daily active users rose eleventh to… Read more »

Twitter is surging and the rally shows no signs of slowing, chart analyst says

The stock rose more than tenth in early trading Tuesday after beating earnings and topping sales estimates for its first quarter. That move conjointly pushed Twitter out of bear market territory, currently less than twentieth off its 52-week high. Matt Maley, equity strategist at Miller Tabak, aforementioned that Twitter still seems like the social stock… Read more »

Trump calls for ‘more and fairer’ social-media corporations

President Donald Trump on Tuesday took his latest swipe at Twitter for what he says is unfair treatment, as he vowed to “reciprocate” against the European Union within the wake of Harley-Davidson’s report of a profit drop in the first quarter. ‘MORE AND FAIRER’ SOCIAL-MEDIA COMPANIES Trump used Twitter, on which he has nearly sixty… Read more »

Instagram isn’t going chronological, and is currently telling us why

The company has in public declared that it’s not going chronological, and now, is giving us better sense of its rationale. in a recent press briefing, the product lead for Instagram’s feed, Julian Gutman, told journalists that the photo sharing app is “not thinking about [chronological ordering] at this time.” the explanation, a spokesperson said,… Read more »

TikTok Watch: High-schoolers are trolling teachers by using their first names

This new series reveals the latest TikTok trends, so you don’t have to. Let’s face it, if you signed up, it’d simply make you feel very old. When I was in school, a long time ago, teachers were called ‘sir’ or ‘miss.’ Never, under any circumstances, were we permitted to address them by their initial… Read more »

Facebook will soon depend on Instagram for the majority of its ad revenue growth

When Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced last month they were stepping away from Facebook, there was a collective gasp: Instagram’s future was suddenly at risk. So is Facebook’s. So far, Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has been a complete success — one of the most important of the internet era. The app, which… Read more »

Big Baller brand posts cryptic message on Instagram

All isn’t well at Big Baller brand. The dying company that LaVar Ball insists is fine has not had a functioning web site for 2 weeks. That’s a fairly major problem for an apparel company with no brick and mortar stores. Their entire distribution network is based online, however as noticed by Jacob Rude of… Read more »

The Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok recently caused many accidents, some of them leading to deaths

There are various reasons as to why Madras high court is trying to ban the most famous Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok in India. The main reason being, kids who are followers of the famous app are vulnerable to pornography. That’s not all. Within the recent past, there have been several cases where people have hurt themselves very seriously whereas creating videos for TikTok. Some of these serious injuries even resulted in deaths. The most recent case that was… Read more »

  • TikTok “Here’s the tea” meme

    If the young woman above has been haunting your dreams, you may be a TikTok user. This is Sammie Lewis, an 18-year-old student from Washington state and mastermind of the “here’s the motherfucking tea” meme. It all started with this TikTok Lewis posted a little while ago titled “☕️ tea 4 u.” Most of the video is Lewis ranting about a guy she knew. “It was regarding this guy who… Read more »

  • Facebook to reveal News Feed algorithmic program secrets

    Facebook is launching a brand new feature that explains how its algorithms decide what to show in your News Feed. A new “Why am I seeing this post?” button will indicate what activity influenced Facebook’s algorithms. It is the first time the corporate has given individuals access to this insight directly in its app and on the website. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others have been criticized… Read more »

  • Failure of Instagram horizontal scrolling

    Instagram has apologized after a test feature was accidentally unrolled to millions of individuals using its app. The change meant moving through a feed had to be done by swiping horizontally instead of vertically. Almost as soon as the change was made, users took to Twitter to complain and demand the return of the familiar up-and-down scrolling technique. The… Read more »

  • Instagram has thought of hiding the like count on photos

    Instagram has considered hiding the like count on photos, thus audiences can’t see how many people have liked an individual post. an unreleased feature that would publicly hide like counts was spotted today by code hunter Jane Wong, who says the test states that Instagram desires “your followers to focus on what you share, not… Read more »

  • Inter is now also on TikTok

    Milan-Inter has always placed great importance on making close ties and engaging with its fans around the world. The team is always on the lookout to seek new opportunities to share the love and passion for inter everywhere. Today we are proud to launch our new Official channel on TikTok – the world’s leading destination… Read more »

  • Facebook, on Mueller Day, drops bad Instagram news in a month-old blog post

    While America was consumed with the partial unleash of an explosive report that has shaken the presidency and divided the nation, Facebook whispered some bad news: millions of Instagram users’ passwords were compromised in a data-security lapse. This followed an enormous security failure the company announced march 17, in which the passwords of hundreds of… Read more »

  • Technology is ‘a crime scene’ and Facebook ‘broke democracy,’ journalist who exposed Cambridge Analytica says

    A journalist whose work helped prompt the massive tech backlash roiling Silicon Valley excoriated Facebook, labeled technology a ‘crime scene’ and blamed tech platforms for precipitating a crisis in Western democracy. During a ted talk on Monday, Carole Cadwalladr, a British journalist who helped expose the Cambridge Analytica information scandal and how 87 million Facebook… Read more »

  • Facebook confirms it’s working on an AI voice assistant for Portal and oculus products

    It may not really be a true Alexa or Google Assistant competitor. Facebook has confirmed a report from earlier these days saying it’s working on an artificial intelligence-based digital voice assistant within the vein of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. The news, first reported by CNBC, indicates Facebook isn’t giving up on a vision it first put out years ago, once it began developing an AI assistant for its messenger platform simply called M. This time around, however, Facebook says… Read more »

  • Facebook and Instagram may be forced to remove Likes for users under 18

    Social networks may have to stop users under the age of eighteen from liking posts, according to new privacy rules. The Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) within the United Kingdom has drafted a code of practice to protect children’s safety online. One of the rules within the code would prevent tech corporations from using “nudge” techniques. Nudge techniques are defined as anything that would encourage youngsters to provide unnecessary personal information, weaken or turn off… Read more »

  • ‘Nasty’ Instagram scam steals login info

    A fresh Instagram phishing scam created the rounds over the weekend, according a media reports. The “Nasty List” scam begins with a personal message from one of your followers, saying they noticed your name on a “nasty list.” after you click the link to the Instagram account, the profile includes a link to the purported… Read more »